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Asylum & Human Rights Applications

BIAAP has a specialist and Law Society accredited Asylum and Human Rights lawyers on standby to assist you or your near and dear ones in the event that there is a requirement to seek asylum or submit a human rights application to obtain a right to stay in the UK.

You are eligible to make this application if you are unable to return to your country and your circumstances meet the following criteria:
  • You fear being persecuted, and you wish to seek asylum protection in the UK; or
  • You have spent a considerable amount of time in the UK and you believe that you have established strong ties to the UK
We provide customised and expert advice to understand if this the right route for you to obtain a right to stay in the UK.
This may either by Claiming Asylum and seeking protection in the UK; or By applying to the Home Office based on your Human Rights – such as Article 3 (which protects a person against torture (mental or physical), inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment) or Article 8 (which protects a person’s right to respect for their private and family life) of the Human Rights Act.

Additionally, you must be in the UK to claim asylum and be able to show why you are not willing or able to return to your country of origin.

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How is an Asylum Application decided?

In essence, if you wish to seek asylum in the UK, you are asking the UK to protect you because you are a refugee fleeing a country where you will be persecution on account of your affiliations in relation to one or more of the following areas: Race, Religion, Nationality, Membership of particular social group and/or Political opinion.

How is an Human Rights Application decided?

Under the Human Rights Act 1998, if owing to any exceptional, compassionate, and compelling circumstances you wish to remain in the UK, you may be entitled to apply to remain on the basis of your human rights. These types of applications are considered to be outside Immigration rules and may entitle you to Limited or Discretionary leave to remain.

Whether you wish to make an application on the basis of Asylum or Human Rights, once you engage our services, you can expect your BIAAP Immigration Solicitors to carefully and meticulously:

  • Carry out a detailed assessment of your unique circumstances pertinent to the existing laws in the areas of Asylum or Human Rights.
  • Consider your documents and ensure that you obtain the correct and necessary evidence to help support and strengthen your case.
  • Draft, Review and Prepare your Human Rights or Asylum Application to the highest standard.
We will speak to the representatives of the Home Office and follow up to ensure that your application is considered and decided in a correct and timely fashion.

Our solicitors have a strong expertise in in Asylum and Human Rights cases where the country of origin include the Middle East, Asia and African.

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