Visit the UK!

Standard Visitor Visa for the UK

Unless you are visiting from a country that is exempt, to visit the UK for a short period (i.e., 6 months or less)you need to acquire a UK Standard Visitor Visa.

Your purpose to visit may include:

Tourism, for example on a holiday or to see your family and friends
Certain business activities, for example attending a meeting
Do a short course of study
Take part in research or an exchange programme as an academic
Medical reasons, for example to receive private medical treatment

As you understand, conditions apply for all of these. Do note that this visa has replaced previous visitor visas.

Whilst, this is a standardised process, challenges do occur and at BIAAP, whilst we are well aware of our own expertise, in this case please have a look at what some of our clients have to say!

“BEST EXPERIENCE WITH A POSITIVE OUTCOME! It was a very smooth, professional, and lovely experience for us getting BIAAP to represent us for my UK Visitor Visa reapplication. I got denied my UK visitor visa twice, and the third time we got BIAAP to help us and I HAVE BEEN GRANTED MY VISA. They wrote a very professional and detailed (intelligent) representation letter and gave us realistic approaches. They were very accommodating and just reliable — they definitely know what they are doing every step of the way. Any visa or even Immigration matters, I would trust only them. We were more than pleased and all thanks to BIAAP help.”

“I found Mrs Olagbaiye to be very efficient and knowledgeable. My mum’s visitor visa had been rejected due to a created excuse by the home office. She suggested ways that were short and with quick results.”

Do you need any more reasons to contact us? Time to get ready to vacation in the UK.

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